Q. What is PAnJam?

A. PanJam is a music platform that makes it more engaging and less challenging for kids (and adults alike) to learn music by marrying the versatility and intuitiveness of the steelpan instrument with the cutting edge technology of virtual reality.


Q. Who created PanJam

A. Panjan was developed by Dingole LTD. Dingole is an award winning digital agency that is located in Trinidad and Tobago that specializes in user research and user experience design across various media. The company is steadfastly pioneering the development of augmented reality and virtual reality technology across the Caribbean. The Co-Founders of Dingole are Shawn De Freitas and Deidre Cristal Lee-Kin


Q. How can I experience PanJAM

A. Panjam is currently in private BETA and can only be experienced when we demo it. The application is developed to be delivered to the HTC vive and when it is fully available user will need to have an HTC vive to experience it themselves.


Q. Somebody told me that PanJam was A MUSEUM ... is that True?

A. Part of the Panjam experience allow user to browse a virtual museum where they can learn about the history of the steelpan and the evolution of the sound. Users can also be teleported to a secluded island, a pan yard and of course play a steelpan.


Q. What is so innovative about PAnjam?

A. Panjam is the first virtual reality application to feature the steelpan. This is an accomplishment that extends the tradition of innovation and ingenuity of the steelpan movement - which forged the only acoustic musical instrument of the 20th century. In that light, the impact has been a path to innovation and design that leverages the cultural value of the national instrument to create a music learning tool that could not only benefit future generations of music learners but also transform the national instrument to new cutting edge immersive mediums. 


Q. How does panjam help you to learn music?

A. PanJam creates a full sensory-immersive environment that is responsive to the user’s actions, motion and position.The virtual instrument responds directly and intuitively to the gestures of the user; generating visual, auditory and haptic feedback in realtime. Panjam is ideal for teaching the steelpan and music literacy.The visually enhanced environment allows players to visualize the musical notes as they play to re-enforce learning.Users also get visual and audio cues from the application that will help them understand the piece they are playing while still being able to interact with the instrument. Gamification mechanics are also woven into the experience driving deeper engagement, motivation, and mastery.